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Dance studio in Winchester and Edinburg, Virginia

Once Upon A Time: Our Summer Show 2017

We are pleased to announce our Summer Show 2017, to be held on Saturday June 17th. This show, Once Upon A Time, will be our own compilation of dances taken from favorite fairy tale ballets.

The show will be at Millbrook High School, Winchester, the same venue as last year. There will again be two performances on the same day, this year at 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

For further details and to buy tickets, see Once Upon A Time: Our Summer Show 2017.

Summer Classes 2017

In 2017, instead of summer camps, Italia Performing Arts is offering a program of summer classes. This program will be a cut down version of the regular class timetable, with classes three days a week in Winchester and two in Edinburg, for six weeks in the summer: two weeks in late June after our show, then a two week break before four more weeks in late July and early August. Click here for full details.

Register Now!

It’s not too late! Registration is still open for our 2016-17 dance classes in Winchester and Edinburg. We still have spaces in most of our classes:

Contact us to arrange a free trial class (for students under 18) in your chosen dance style.

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Start your children dancing young!

Start your children dancing young! Bring your 3-5 year olds to our Pre-Primary Ballet and Tap classes, to learn the basic moves and to taste the joy of dance.

Children can’t stop dancing?

Children can’t stop dancing? Our Primary Ballet classes, for boys and girls age 6+, introduce the techniques of ballet and start to train them as young dancers.

Started ballet, want to go further?

Started ballet, want to go further? Our Ballet Pro classes are for children who have learned the basics and want to continue as serious students. Our Ballet Essentials classes are for beginners age 8+ and for those dancing as a recreation only.

Looking for the latest dance moves?

Looking for the latest dance moves? Join our Hip-Hop, Jazz & Contemporary Dance and Lyrical Dance classes.

Want to dance like the Irish?

Want to dance like the Irish? Take Irish Dance classes with our partners Southern Academy of Irish Dance, and they will soon have you stepping out like Riverdance.

For full details of our classes, see our Student Information Pack. See also our Timetable for 2016-17.

Our dance classes are more affordable than you may think! Prices in Winchester start at $45/month for one class a week, $72/month for two classes, for children age 3-7. In Edinburg one class a week starts at $40/month. See our Prices and Payment page.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to Italia Performing Arts!

  1. I would like my 3 year old to try this out. Are the free trials still available and what days are the classes?

  2. I have never done this before and I think I might be interested. I’m 15 years old and I’m curious to know if you are still doing free classes?

  3. Interested for my 4 year old (who will be 5 first week of Aug.) She has a short attention span, so was wondering about the possibility of the free trial classes to see if she likes it and how she does?? Thanks so much!

  4. Commenters please note: You are welcome to post personal inquiries here, where they will be public, but we generally reply only by email.

  5. Nivjana, thank you for asking. Currently we offer ballet, hip-hop, tap and Irish dance, also our unique ballet/PIlates combo. You can find more details and our timetable on this site.

  6. My soon to be 5 year old is in need of a new free trial. Thank you for all answers.

  7. I was just curious as to the age limit to do a dance class and if the choices are limited due to age. Also how I can find out the costs

  8. Megan, thank you for your inquiry. The normal minimum ages for our classes are 3 for ballet and tap, 5 for Irish dance and 7 for hip-hop. There is no maximum age for the adult classes, but you do have to be flexible and fit enough to take part.

    For costs, see our Prices and Payment page.

  9. I have a 11 year old daughter. Who I think would love Irish dance is there a free trial she can try.

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