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Our Mission

Italia Preforming Arts Students and Founders

As the premier dance school in the northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Italia Performing Arts provides holistic training and pre-professional dance programs for students of all ages. 

Our classes and programs are based on classical dance techniques and benefit students whether or not they go on to study dance professionally. By providing a nurturing environment and excellent training, we enable our students to blossom into superior performers.

Benefits of Ballet

Ballet traces its history back to the Italian Renaissance, a time when music, singing, poetry, and dancing were widely appreciated and enjoyed. It is often said that Florence, Italy, where Miss Lorenza was born and raised, was the true birthplace of the Renaissance. As the writers, dancers, and artists sprang from the northern hills, the city’s prosperous economy supported and encouraged them, and soon dance became an important pillar of society for men and women alike. 

Today, as our world experiences a cultural reawakening, classical training in the arts is returning to the forefront. Dance is once again considered excellent training for both boys and girls and can even benefit students who enjoy other sports, such as football or soccer.

According to the Child Development Institute, studying dance provides many benefits to children. With regular ballet classes, students of all ages can:

  • improve posture & coordination
  • stay physically active
  • gain a sense of discipline & confidence
  • become comfortable performing in front of groups
  • expand their musical talent & sensitivity
  • develop a control of mind & body that leads to improved health, physique, and artistic appreciation
Italia Preforming Arts Students Dancing on Point

The Cecchetti Method: A Classical Approach to Ballet

Anna Pavlova and Enrico Cecchetti

At Italia Performing Arts, we specialize in teaching classical ballet using the Cecchetti Method, which Miss Lorenza is fully trained in and is certified to teach. The Cecchetti approach emphasizes flexibility, strength, musicality, artistry, and a complete understanding of the theory behind each movement. 

Dancers trained in the Cecchetti manner are known for their well-balanced movements, fast footwork, and clean lines. A number of professional ballet schools have historically used the Cecchetti Method, and trained dancers can be found in companies and countries around the world.
Students who study the Cecchetti Method are invited and encouraged to take Cecchetti exams through the Cecchetti Council of America (CCA) to test their knowledge and ability at each level.

What Is the Cecchetti Method?

The Cecchetti Method originated in the late 19th century as a comprehensive approach to teaching classical ballet. It was developed by Enrico Cecchetti, an Italian native who rose to prominence as a professional ballet dancer in the 1880’s. 

After his illustrious dance career, Cecchetti transitioned to teaching. There, he experimented, fusing the best elements of the various ballet styles he had learned. His unique and effective approach came to be known as the Cecchetti Method, a unique ballet technique and training program focused on regimented routine, center alignment, and a strong awareness of clean lines.

Bringing Cecchetti Classical Ballet to the Northern Shenandoah Valley

In 1922, six years before Cecchetti’s death, his friend, Cyril Beaumont, and Cecchetti’s student, Stanislas Idzikowski, recorded and published his teachings. 

One of Idzikowski’s students, Joan Weston, went on to open a dance school in England based on his methods. Her student, Elisabeth Swan, eventually took over the school and trained Miss Lorenza to teach the Cecchetti Method. 

Today, all students at Italia Performing Arts benefit from Miss Lorenza’s Cecchetti training and expertise.

Dance Classes in Winchester & Woodstock

Italia Performing Arts offers a wide array of dance classes for children and teens of all ages. We also have dance classes for adults.

Class schedule depends on location. Choose from two convenient options:

Dance students training at Italia Performing Arts Winchester Dance school

Winchester VA Studio

3031 Valley Avenue, Suite 108, Winchester, VA 22601

Next to Jos. A. Bank & across from Pho Bistro

Dance students training at Italia Performing Arts Woodstock Edinburg Dance school

Woodstock / Edinburg VA Studio

New Location starting in August located on 2nd floor

Rock House Ministry Center, 17702 Old Valley Pike, Edinburg, VA

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