Aundria Roberts

Aundria is not currently teaching at Italia Performing Arts.

Aundria Roberts has had a passion for music for as long as she can recall. Inspired and encouraged by her family, Aundria was singing publicly by the age of 5. As she sang with her father in restaurants and churches, her love for music brought her to learn to play flute, guitar, and piano by ear.

Determined to make music a permanent part of her life, Aundria opted to pursue an education in Musical Theatre and Theatre Performance at Shenandoah University. She completed her education and acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education.

Aundria has enriched the lives of students since 2006.  She first shared her fondness of music in the public school system and has since performed numerous times throughout the community at various churches and events. She continues to share her passion of music through private music lessons with Roberts Home of Music.

Starting in 2017 Aundria partners with Italia Performing Arts to teach Musical Theatre and Rising Star Vocals classes.