Ballet/Pilates Combo

Lorenza 9-18-2012

If you danced as a child, or always wanted to, it is not too late to put the art of dance back into your movements. Miss Lorenza, who has qualified as a Pilates instructor as well as a ballet teacher, offers this unique class for adults combining ballet and Pilates movements, for fitness, flexibility and fun.

For 2017-18 this class is offered in Winchester on Thursday evenings and in Edinburg on Monday evenings.

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16 thoughts on “Ballet/Pilates Combo

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  2. What is the dress code for this class.
    Full Leotard and tights
    or is it a yoga pants and tank top class

    Bare feet or ballet slippers

  3. Sandra, thank you for your inquiry. The price is $59/month for one class a week, plus a $30 registration fee. We price it like this to encourage continuity. But you can come for a free trial class. We are closed this Thursday March 28th, but we would happy to see you on April 4th.

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  5. I was looking for a class similar to this except with more of a modern feel and less ballet. Is this pilates/ballet class still being offered?

  6. Yes, Rachel. We start again next Thursday August 20th at 7:45. As I wrote to Hilary, you are welcome to come for a trial class ($20 for adults). (Note that the Holiday Jazz Series has now closed.)

  7. Hi, this is something I’m interested in for me and my 15 year old daughter. Could she attend with me? Possibly try it this Thursday 08/27?

  8. Yes, Erin, that would work. We will be pleased to see you on Thursday. The trial is $20 for you (put towards your registration fee if you register) and free for your daughter. The class is actually nearly full now, so we may have to split it over two evenings.

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