Our mural

Here is the mural which we have had painted in the Italia Performing Arts dance studio. Click the small image to see it full size.

Mural at Italia Performing Arts studio

We thank Christina and Tito for their hard work painting this mural. Sadly my not very professionally stitched together image of it doesn’t really do it justice. See also the details professionally filmed in our TV commercial.

Comments enabled

We have now added to this site the facility for any users to make comments on what we have written, on the blog posts only. Please give a real name, and a real e-mail address which will not be published. We reserve the right to remove any comments which we consider inappropriate or irrelevant, and to take steps to block anyone who persistently abuses this facility.

We have also updated the post Our first TV commercial to embed a final and clean version of the commercial, with no unregistered software watermark.

Our first TV commercial

Our first TV commercial was filmed on July 29th. We expect it to go live next week, on Comcast cable channels in Winchester city and Frederick, Clarke, Warren and Page counties. We have also uploaded it to YouTube, so here it is:

The soundtrack is a violin arrangement of Casta Diva, from Norma by Bellini. (This was purchased from UniqueTracks.com with a Commercial Synchronization and Multi-Usage License explicitly permitting use on YouTube.)  (Edited August 9th: This is now the version without the unregistered software watermark.)

Our Google ads

Our Google ads are now live. If you are in or near Winchester you are likely to see them on websites which carry these ads. Please admire them, and point them out to your friends. But don’t click them as they will only bring you back to this site.

Here are the ads:

Italia Performing Arts Google ad 336 x 280
Italia Performing Arts Google ad 300 x 250
Italia Performing Arts Google ad 728 x 90

New picture of Lorenza

There is a new picture of Lorenza on her personal resume page. This was taken a few days ago in our studio, as we were filming our TV commercial which should soon be released and hitting the airwaves (well, in fact the cable networks, courtesy of Comcast). Part of our mural is visible in the background.

We’re hiring a dance teacher!

Italia Performing Arts is currently looking for a

Teacher of Jazz, Tap, Hip-hop and Modern Dance

Must be qualified and/or experienced to teach children age 3+ up to intermediate level.

Hours: provisionally 20-24 hours per week, depending on student registrations:
weekday evenings from 4.00 pm and Saturday afternoons.

To apply, please use the contact form or call 540-504-7263.


Front of Italia Performing Arts flyerOur flyers have been ordered. Soon we will be working hard getting them into as many of the best hands as possible. Here is a sneak preview of the front (click to see a larger image).

Back of Italia Performing Arts flyerUPDATE August 2nd: Our flyers have now arrived. Here is the back – again click for a larger image.