DVDs of Once Upon A Time: Nearly Ready

We hope you enjoyed our Summer Show “Once Upon A Time”. We are preparing DVDs of the show, for any of you who missed it, or as as a keepsake for you. These are still available for ordering from our online store or at our studios, $25 each. The quality is much better than in previous years: see below.

Please order quickly, by July 9th! We will be finalizing our order quantity on that date, and after that we will have only a few extra copies available.

The DVD package will consist of two DVDs in one case, one of each performance of the show, at no extra cost.

We have now nearly finished editing the video footage. We are pleased to say that this year the quality is much better than in previous years, because we used a professional videographer, Dan Shaffer of Shaffer Films. Here is a sample of what you can expect to see and hear (click Full Screen for the best quality):

The DVD quality will be a little lower than this because of inherent limitations of the DVD format. If anyone who purchases the DVD also wants access to downloadable video files at the same quality as this clip (720p AVCHD format, 1.6 to 1.8 GB for each of 3 acts of each performance), we will work on making them available.

Order your DVDs now!

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