Fall 2020: Special Instructions for Covid-19 Safety

We welcome our new students and welcome back old students to our classes for the new school year starting August 17th, and to our show rehearsals in August.

We are concerned, and we are sure that you are, to keep our students, staff, and families safe from the Covid-19 coronavirus. We are also required, at the time of writing (August 2020), to follow the Governor of Virginia’s Phase Three Guidelines.

So please observe the following special instructions, and ask your student to do the same. We expect that these instructions will need to stay in force at least until the end of 2020. We will keep our student families informed of any changes.

Are you or your student feeling unwell?

Do you or your student have a fever or dry cough? Fatigue? Have you or they been exposed to a Covid-19 case in the last 14 days? If so, you must stay at home​. Please let us know. Your student may take our online classes by prior arrangement.

If anyone who has visited our studio tests positive for Covid-19, it is important that you tell us quickly, so that we can work with the authorities to ensure everyone’s safety.

Face Coverings

Adults and children over 10 are required to wear masks or other face coverings while inside our studios, except for students and teachers during classes.  Face coverings are recommended for children age 2+ except in class. Students are not required to wear face coverings during class but may do so if preferred.

Social Distancing

  • We are restricting numbers of students at any one time to 10 in the large room and 6 in the front room in Winchester, and to 8 in Edinburg where we will only use the large room. This is so that we can maintain 6 foot separation between students and teachers during classes.
  • Please keep your student outside until 5 minutes before the class start time, then send them in, one family at a time.
  • Please send your student in changed ready for class. They may change shoes just inside the entrance and leave street shoes in a bag, which only the one student may touch.
  • Parents, siblings etc: please stay outside and maintain social distancing unless you have a good reason to come into the studio. You may come in to make purchases and payments, but we recommend online payment.
  • If you come in, please wear a mask and keep 6 feet away from others whenever possible, and leave as soon as you have finished your business.
  • Please wait outside to pick up your student as soon as their class is finished, to allow time for cleaning before the next class.

General Instructions

Please ask your students to follow these instructions:

  • On entering the studio, please use the hand sanitizer provided to clean your hands.
  • Water bottles are available at the reception desk. The Winchester drinking fountains are closed.
  • In Winchester, the changing room is closed.
  • In Edinburg, the kitchen and the front teaching room are closed, and the back waiting area is open only for access to the restroom.

We hope that these instructions will allow you all to enjoy safe classes. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee perfect safety, or take any responsibility if you or your student become sick. If you prefer your student not to take in studio classes in the present circumstances, please enroll them for our online classes, starting September 14th.