Our hip-hop dance classes, for children age 7 and up, teach this funky style of dance. Students learn the fundamentals of the style such as isolations and flexibility. This class encourages students to dance outside of the box and bring their own personality to each movement. As a family oriented dance studio we are careful to find suitable clean music and avoid inappropriate moves.

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18 thoughts on “Hip-Hop

  1. Hello, I am interested in signing my 7 yr. old up for hip hop. Can you give me the times in which classes are available.

  2. Betty, I’m sorry I didn’t reply to you before, because we are on vacation. The hip-hop class for 7 year olds is on Fridays 4.30 to 5.30 pm, starting August 22nd. We hope your child will be able to join us then.

  3. I am interested in hip hop classes for my granddaughter.She turns 13 on the 18th of sept. Her family will be out of town till the 8th of sept. Is there any class she can observe or participate in to confirm her interest.Thank you.

  4. Hi, I am interested in your hip hop classes for my daughter who will be 14 in November. Could you send me info on pricing and schedules please?
    Thank you,
    Jennifee Keatts.

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  6. Holly, unfortunately we cannot offer hip-hop in Woodstock at present. Once our ballet classes are running, we will look into the possibility of adding other classes in future. So please keep watching our website and/or our Facebook page for further announcements.

  7. Do you offer any hip hop or modern dance classes for 4-5 year olds? I’ve been searching and cannot find anything for this age group for modern and hip hop dance. Thank you

  8. Leslie, we don’t offer hip-hop for children under 7 because their bodies are not developed enough for the hip-hop moves. Currently for 4-5 year olds we offer only ballet and Irish dance. I’m sorry we can’t help you any more than this.

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  11. Greetings! I’m a PE teacher in Frederick County and want to learn some Hip-Hop to help with developing dances for my dance unit. Let me know if this is a possibility.

  12. My 7 year old is interested in taking a Hip-Hop course. I have been very reluctant as most of the time I find the music and moves to be inappropriate for the age level of the girls. However, I was very pleased to see the disclaimer regarding the music and move choices. Do you offer a trial class? I would really like to see if it is something she wants to stick with before we register and commit if at all possible.

  13. I just got an email concerning hip hop classes for 7 yo and up. Does that include a 50 year old PE teacher with no dance experience that wishes to improve his dance unit??

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  15. Is there a hip hop dance class open to a 12 year old boy just now? Could he visit a class before registering?

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