Jazz and Hip-Hop Dance

Jazz and Hip-Hop Dancers
Photo by Kensie M Photography

The Jazz and Hip-Hop class is a fun, up-beat blend of jazz dance with some hip-hop technique.

Hip-hop as a dance form requires body isolation, flexibility and speed in movement. Jazz also requires the same, but in a relaxed and flowing style. As a family oriented dance studio, we are careful to find suitable clean music and avoid inappropriate moves. For this reason, the Jazz and Hip-Hop class will primarily be focusing on jazz technique but with hip-hop influence.

Jazz and Hip-Hop dancers work to develop technique, speed, flexibility, breath control, and spatial awareness, all while displaying a variety of emotions. Jazz and hip-hop dance tends to be fast with controlled deliberate movements. Dancers will be expected to focus. They will be encouraged to dance (outside of the box) with creativity and show personality in their movements.

For 2019-20 Italia Performing Arts is offering this class combining jazz and hip-hop dance in Winchester and in Edinburg, for children and teens age 8+.

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