Uniform Rules

All students are required to be in full uniform, in their dress and as close as possible in their hairstyle, and to wear the appropriate shoes for their class. Details for each style of dance are as follows:

Ballet – Girls

Girls will be required to wear the designated color for their class, including the uniform leotard purchased from us:

  • Pre-Primary and Primary: White leotard, white tights and pink shoes.
  • Ballet Basics and Ballet Essentials: Burgundy leotard, white tights and pink shoes.
  • Ballet Pro A and B: Light blue leotard (or black leotard for students age 12+), white convertible tights and pink shoes.
  • Ballet Intermediate: Black leotard, white convertible tights and pink shoes.

Pointe students are required to wear demi-pointe or pointe shoes as advised by Miss Lorenza.

Girls are required to wear their hair in a bun for ballet classes. If a student’s hair is not long, it must be adjusted to look as uniform as possible with the rest of the class. For instructions, see How To Make A Ballet Bun.

Ballet Basics, Essentials, Pro and Intermediate girls are asked to wear an elastic belt, as sold by the studio.

Ballet – Boys

All boys studying ballet are asked to wear tight fitting white T-shirts with tight black athletic pants and black ballet shoes.

Tap, Lyrical Dance, Modern and Jazz Dance, Musical Theatre

For all of our classes except for ballet the uniform is basically the same except for footwear:

Body wear for girls

Black leotard, tan tights. Yoga pants or shorts may be worn over tights and leotard. All dancers must be able to easily move in pants if they are worn. For lyrical dance, a dance dress should also be worn as specified by the teacher.

Body wear for boys

White T-shirt, tight black athletic pants.


This is different for our different classes:

  • Tap: Black tap shoes
  • Lyrical: No shoes. Socks may be worn, when instructed by the teacher.
  • Modern and Jazz: Black jazz shoes

Acro Dance

As above for tap, lyrical etc, except:

  • Girls must wear dance or bike shorts over leotards
  • Tights should be footless or convertible
  • Hair should be in a low bun
  • Bare feet

Purchasing Uniforms – Ballet

Italia Performing Arts sells the girls’ leotards, shorts, tights and elastic belts for classes, and pink ballet shoes for girls. For details and prices see our Merchandise page. We recommend that other shoes are purchased from Wilkins Shoe Center, 7 South Loudoun Street, Winchester. Other uniform items are sold by Wilkins but may also be found at Target, Walmart etc.